Punchy Magnolia came about from one mom's resourceful and traditional Canadian roots to provide warmth to help prepare her little girl for winters in Minnesota. Every touque was formerly a cashmere sweater that has been individually hand-crafted into a luxurious item to provide protection from the mild to the bitterest of winters. 

Each touque carries it's own story, style, and fit. Magnolia Grace collection is crafted especially for children, providing the same luxe feel in smaller sizing.

We love this beautiful planet, that is why only the best cashmere and natural fibers are used. Likewise, the fur is carefully selected from the best fur trading companies that follow strict and ethical trapping guidelines. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that protect, defend, and rescue our beloved wildlife. When you buy from us, in addition to benefiting from these 100% natural products, you support human-scale craftsmanship -- in each and every purchase.

Thank you!